Bob and Lynn Bassler


We are walking our dog “Shadow” regularly twice a day. Usually in our neighborhood, where currently we are encountering far more neighbors out and about. Yesterday we went over to the quiet CSUN campus for a change of scene and scent.
Our evening entertainment has consisted of an interesting and amusing series titled “The Good Place”, and an excellent Japanese series called “Midnight Cafe; Tokyo Stories”.  Last night, we watched the excellent 1953 film “Roman Holiday” with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, which was quite delightful to revisit.

We are both also reading, I am wrapped up in the highly praised and fascinating novel “Unsheltered” by Barbara Kingsolver. Lynn is engrossed in “The Overstory” by Richard Powers. Today, we received our first food order boxes from the “Imperfect Foods” service with a variety of produce that we selected from a list. If we need them, we have cloth face masks that were provided by a friend from her fabric scraps.


Virtual Sunday School on Palm Sunday:

The kids learned about all the events of Holy Week starting with Jesus riding into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.