We at “The Kirk” believe that ministry begins with the little people you bring to our childcare program.

We know that as we hold, love and take care of their needs, we are an example of God’s loving care for all of us.

Our Christian Education program maintains a portable nursery that provides a convenient location for baby care immediately
adjacent to the church narthex and sanctuary.  A professional childcare provider is in attendance during Sunday services and special events.  We want you to be able to enjoy the worship service knowing that your child is nearby and in good hands.

What Should You Do?

When you bring your child to the childcare room, make sure that he/she has everything needed for a comfortable morning.  That includes:

  • Comfortable clothes and something warm for his/her feet.
  • Any toy or blanket that helps your child feel secure.
  • A bottle or food for your child (if you are breastfeeding, please let us know what you want us to do if your baby gets hungry).
  • Diapers and any other care items, clearly marked
  • Please check in with the childcare provider (on your first visit, fill out a registration form).
  • Give us any special instructions (i.e. teething, allergies, when to give bottle, etc.)
  • Make sure that the childcare provider knows who will be picking up your child if it is not to be you.

When Should You Keep Your Child at Home?

Since we all would like to keep our babies healthy and happy, we need to be sensitive to what symptoms could be a problem for other children. Please do not bring your child into childcare with any of the following symptoms:

Runny Nose: Green discharge indicates an infection of sorts and your child needs to be kept away from other children. Clear discharge may simply indicate teething or allergies, but also may be the beginning of a cold.
Fever: Over 101°F rectally or 99°F under the arm.
Rash: Any you cannot identify as caused by an allergy, heat or diaper irritation.
Diarrhea: More frequent and looser stools than normal for your child.

On those days when your child is not well, she/he would be happier and all the other babies (and parents) will appreciate your consideration!

How Can You Help?

In addition to our paid childcare staff, we welcome caring volunteers who can assist on a regular or substitute basis. To minister in this vital area or to donate items in good condition to our childrens’ ministries, please contact the church office by phone (818) 345-2535, e-mail or in person.

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions, we are always glad to hear them. Remember, we want our childcare to be a place where your child first experiences the safety and warmth of belonging to the family of God!